Dreaming of crochet

It appears I have now started dreaming about crochet. Crochet circles to be precise.

I have finally started my next big project. It is a blanket inspired by one made by Zeens and Roger here. I couldn’t resist after seeing the lovely bright colours, although I haven’t decided on my joining colour yet. I am using a pattern called ‘Flowers in the snow’, a 4mm hook and Drops Muskat cotton. Here are some of my first batch of circles.


The aim is to crochet in lots of 50, centres first, then middles etc. I have never used the method before but it does seem the circles are stacking up more quickly that way. They need to as I reckon on at least 300 for a decent size bedspread. Yikes, no wonder all my previous blankets have ended up toddler size!

With the move looming, it seems I have perfectly timed a mother and eldest son trip to Amsterdam this weekend. Precious time together before he goes off to University.


PS I have never been to Amsterdam so if anyone has any recommendations for places to go, I’d love to hear them.




Pointless crochet?

Can crochet ever be pointless? I think not. Crochet is incredibly relaxing and even if I find myself crocheting without an outcome in mind, it makes me happy:)


Take these little fish as an example. Since our last visit to the seaside I have been thinking about crocheting them. What for? No idea other than for something to crochet! I haven’t even sewn them down to the hand towel above (although I think I might now). The bright colours make me smile.


I made the fish using Rico creative cotton and a 4mm hook. They are really easy to make.

Pattern (UK terms)

Form a magic ring.

Round 1 – chain 3, 11 trebles into magic ring, join

Round 2 – chain 3, 1 treble into same stitch, 2 trebles into each of next 11 stitches (makes 24 tr), join (do not fasten off)

Tail- chain 6, 1 quadruple treble, 1 triple treble into same stitch. 3 double trebles into next stitch. 1 triple treble, 1 quadruple treble into next stitch. Chain 6 and join into same stitch. Fasten off. Sew in ends.

Does that make sense? It’s the first pattern I have written and I really hope you can follow it.


We went to the beach again last week, this time in West Somerset. I love this coast because I always come home with some beach treasure.



Sea glass and fossils.

Incidentally, we have a move date so I may be quiet for a little while whilst I pack up the house (keeping some yarn out for any spontaneous crocheting, of course).


Another small crochet project

Yet again I have avoided making a decision about my next big project by making a small one.

Since starting my blog I have been introduced to some really lovely and very talented people and I have been inspired by every one of them. One recently referred to a crochet book ‘200 crochet blocks’ by Jan Eaton which I have owned for some time now but not used recently. Tanya at Yarnya has produced the most amazing blanket using some of the patterns and who knows? I might have a go at something similar myself.

Anyway, back to my small project which, in case your wondering, uses part of a pattern from the aforementioned book.


A table decoration of sorts. I made it for my ‘new’ cake stand to sit on (a car boot purchase from the weekend).


Here is a top down view.


I made it using the centre of pattern 58 Peach Rose (from the book ‘200 crochet blocks’ by Jan Eaton) in Drops Muskat cotton using a 3.5mm hook. The cotton is lovely to work with and comes in some great colours. I didn’t need to block any of this either. I just sewed each flower to the other. The flowers would make nice bunting too or maybe a larger piece.

To bring you up to date, the move has been put back and I am crocheting to stay calm! Despite the frustration, today was a good day as my eldest son finished his A-levels (woohoo) but also a scary one as I went to my middle son’s parent induction evening (yikes). Big changes for us all over the next few months.


PS A special thank you as well to Bernadette at bernadettesvintagerose for helping me with a technical glitch early on in my blog. Another talented lady 🙂


Happy crochet

crochet bunting

When we move I will miss this mantle and its cheerful colours. It’s surprising how attached I am to small details in what I am already thinking of as the ‘old’ house. This bunting was made a while back when I first started crocheting so it means a lot to me. That, and it has always been in my boys’ playroom. The pattern is here and I used my trusty Stylecraft special and a 3.5mm hook. I just used a chain to join the triangles.

crochet bunting

Looks like the move will happen soon so wish me luck!


Finding inspiration

Last week I was looking for some crochet inspiration and found it in the most unlikely places. First of all I found an embroidery hoop in a charity shop for 50p, so could not resist buying it. Secondly, my youngest boy made some flowers for me. After that I just went for it and here is the end product.


I made up the pattern myself, experimenting with different stitches as I went along. The scallop edge pattern is not my own, I found it here and found it very easy to follow. I have tried to write down the pattern I created but have no experience of writing patterns at all so it might not be that easy to follow. Let me know if you are interested in me sharing it. I used Stylecraft Special and a 3.5mm hook.

I am really pleased with this very quick project (it took me a couple of evenings). I particularly like the 3D effect which was more of a fluke than planned. I obviously added too many stitches in the round but then worked out I could then crochet behind.


I have to say the back looks quite nice too!


I am hoping to move house next week and can’t wait to see this hanging in our new home. By the way the ‘flowers’ my little boy made were sticklebrick ones and I just loved the colours he used.


Talking about inspiration, I bought a bag of reduced wool this week and I am now wondering where the ideas will come from for my next project.


Weekend relaxation by the sea

We have just returned from a lovely weekend in Devon. I shan’t bore you with too many details, just a few of my favourite pictures. We stayed in Brixham, a lovely seaside town with a working harbour and super beaches nearby. Perfect with or without two little ones. What made the time away extra special, was that my mum and dad came with us. I don’t see them very often and we enjoyed catching up in the summer sunshine.

019        025

The harbour and stacks of lobster pots.

096     102

The stunning view from the Napoleonic Fort (south) near Berry Head. I love walking and these days only get to go as far as the little legs can walk, but this was close by so we all enjoyed the wild flower meadows and wide open spaces.


Apparently there were more flowers closer to the edge but I  will take my husband’s word for that. I am pleased to say he looked genuinely perplexed when I wondered how many wives had been disposed of in that manner 🙂

136     141

We couldn’t resist a spot of crabbing using just a line, a piece of old muslin and some bacon. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great time.





Definitely a WIP

Hmmmm, I have been trying tapestry crochet today and have possibly overstretched myself. I have a picture in my mind of some bunting for my little boys’ bedroom, crocheted with dinosaurs. So I am going to try and make some. Here is my first attempt. This is the front

001This is the back


I am using Drops Muskat cotton and a 3.5mm hook and following a pattern I made up on some squared paper


Tapestry crochet appeals because it is so neat and precise but those aren’t exactly the first words I would use to describe me so I am going to leave this for a while and keep coming back to it. Hopefully you will some improvement over the course of time. It can’t get much worse.

The sun has been shining today which makes a welcome change after the wind and rain of the last few days but what really put a smile on my face today was this picture that my youngest made. Beautiful.



Quick crochet

I love to work on longer crochet projects, watching them grow slowly over the days, weeks and months but what attracted me to crochet originally is that it can be quick too. Last week I decided that I wanted to make a little jacket for my cafetiere (French press). When I first started crocheting I would have immediately looked for a pattern to follow but I feel confident enough now to have a go on my own and I am pretty pleased with the end result

cafetiere cosy crochet easy quick

I used my Stylecraft Special on a 3mm hook and followed the lovely Lucy’s pattern here for the squares (I didn’t do the bobble stitch in the centre, just pairs of trebles with a chain stitch between each pair). I joined as I went along and then did a round of 3 trebles between each space around the whole thing and then the same with single half trebles. The loops for the buttons were just chain12 and sewed in. Here are a few more pictures. Wondering if I should have used red as well but it’s too late now and a good excuse to make another I think.

small granny square crochet cafetiere cosy small granny square cafetiere cosy crochet

Hexagonal crochet blanket

My first ever blog and who would have thought I would be so nervous? It’s like starting school all over again. Anyway, I thought I would start with sharing my most recent crochet project, a hexagonal baby blanket that I made for one of my lovely friends daughter. My friend has just moved house and decorated her daughter’s room in a beautiful yellow with curtains made from this Ikea fabric… FREDRIKA Fabric IKEA …so I thought I would try and design a small cotbed blanket to match, and here it is

solid hexagon crochet blanket flowers  solid hexagon crochet blanket flowers

I used the amazingly easy to follow pattern here for the hexagons (making them a bit smaller) and I used two methods to join the hexagons. I sewed the flowers together and then realised it would be much easier if I used a join-as-you-go method when I started the white ones. I blocked the blanket although I notice the edges are turning up a bit. I did consider an edging and found so many lovely ideas but in the end decided to leave it. Almost forgot to say I used a 3.5mm hook and Stylecraft Special bought at my lovely local wool shop, The Wool Stop in Thornbury. I have just started a new project and can’t wait to share it with you soon. In the meantime, please bear with me as I thought I was quite technically minded but I am obviously not! x