The issue of light

When we were in England I had worked out the perfect places to take pictures for my blog posts so that I was happy with the light and back drop. I’m yet to find these places here and it’s frustrating as I really do want my pictures to reflect my projects and me in a positive light.

Maybe this has become more important to me since I joined Instagram (I’m buttercupandbee). The standard on there is so high.

In the meantime, here are some of my current projects.

Hoping this is finished soon so that I can wear it.

Trying to add pattern to my socks.

And you don’t want to know about these yet!



10 thoughts on “The issue of light

  1. You have some lovely projects in progress. I hope you find a solution before the Winter. I’m in England and I find the Winter is often a nightmare for photos because it’s so dull and dark – unless we have nice frosty sunny days.


    • Thank you, Janine. I think part of the problem here is the light inside the house and finding a neutral back drop. I need to get out to take pictures maybe. Not easy when the forecast is for rain for the next 10 days! Oh well, that might give me time to actually finish some of them 🙂


  2. It is difficult sometimes. I use my phone camera for Instagram but my phone broke last week and I had to use an old one with a pretty poor camera- I really noticed the difference. Fortunately I got a new phone through today and so far the picture quality looks good 🙂 I often find outside light is much better than indoors… 🙂

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  3. Instagram has definitely forced me to think about how I take pictures. I still frequently get it wrong, which is frustrating and days like today are annoying because it’s so grey outside.
    I love your knitting. I get in such a muddle with the needles. The biggest reason I have trouble is because I have to perch on the edge of the sofa rather than slouch back; I can’t relax. :/

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    • Your pictures are great and reflect your style. My pictures in the UK all had a similar look whereas here…what a hodge podge! You are right about knitting. I have a knitting chair which I find very comfortable but it’s not like crochet where I’d curl up on the sofa and work away. Persevere with the knitting though, especially on circular needles (even for straight work). I think it’s best to pick a project you really want, as youre more likely to persevere. Some fancy looking shawls are actually simple stitches. Melanie Berg has some nice patterns based on garter stitch. You can do it!


      • It would be nice to say that I was a knitter! I’ll look up those patterns. The more I practise, the more I know I’ll enjoy it.
        I sometimes use a spare bit of mountboard to hide whatever I don’t want in a photo. It can be a logistical nightmare though; trying to arrange a good picture!

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