Dreaming of crochet

It appears I have now started dreaming about crochet. Crochet circles to be precise.

I have finally started my next big project. It is a blanket inspired by one made by Zeens and Roger here. I couldn’t resist after seeing the lovely bright colours, although I haven’t decided on my joining colour yet. I am using a pattern called ‘Flowers in the snow’, a 4mm hook and Drops Muskat cotton. Here are some of my first batch of circles.


The aim is to crochet in lots of 50, centres first, then middles etc. I have never used the method before but it does seem the circles are stacking up more quickly that way. They need to as I reckon on at least 300 for a decent size bedspread. Yikes, no wonder all my previous blankets have ended up toddler size!

With the move looming, it seems I have perfectly timed a mother and eldest son trip to Amsterdam this weekend. Precious time together before he goes off to University.


PS I have never been to Amsterdam so if anyone has any recommendations for places to go, I’d love to hear them.



5 thoughts on “Dreaming of crochet

  1. Crikey, you’re fast! Thank you for mentioning me. I love the colours.
    Amsterdam is awesome, Anne Frank’s house is amazing in an awful kind of way. Go very early or last thing because the queues are nuts.

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