Definitely a WIP

Hmmmm, I have been trying tapestry crochet today and have possibly overstretched myself. I have a picture in my mind of some bunting for my little boys’ bedroom, crocheted with dinosaurs. So I am going to try and make some. Here is my first attempt. This is the front

001This is the back


I am using Drops Muskat cotton and a 3.5mm hook and following a pattern I made up on some squared paper


Tapestry crochet appeals because it is so neat and precise but those aren’t exactly the first words I would use to describe me so I am going to leave this for a while and keep coming back to it. Hopefully you will some improvement over the course of time. It can’t get much worse.

The sun has been shining today which makes a welcome change after the wind and rain of the last few days but what really put a smile on my face today was this picture that my youngest made. Beautiful.



4 thoughts on “Definitely a WIP

  1. That looks great, thanks for sharing! Must be hard to keep the wrong colour hidden in the middle. I’ve never tried, but you may have just inspired me to give it a go! 🙂 x


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