Vintage crochet

When we moved into our new home, just over a month ago, the very first thing I wanted to do was to crochet something for the house. I have been collecting vintage crochet and knitting patterns from garage sales and thrift shops, along with crochet cotton so a doily seemed a good start.

This doily pattern book is dated 1945 and is full of beautiful, finely detailed doilies.

vintage doily crochet pattern book

Here is the pattern I chose, the cotton (this is what I had left) and the hook (old size 10 or 1.25mm).

vintage doily crochet pattern book

And here is the completed doily.

vintage crochet cotton doily

I didn’t want to play ‘yarn chicken’ on the last round so stopped one row before the end. The whole thing only took a few hours to make and was a fun project. Blocking took a while, trying to avoid any pointy bits.

vintage crochet cotton doily

Oops, I can see a pointy bit, ignore that part 😉




15 thoughts on “Vintage crochet

    • Thank you. I’m reading Anne of Green Gables at the moment and the girls compete at how intricate their doilies are and how many they have! I shall have to share the other pattern booklets I’ve collected, they are all so interesting.

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  1. That’s Beautiful! my Grandmother used to make crochet doily’s and tray cloths similar to yours well done for keeping the old patterns alive. Hope you are not missing your previous hometown too much. X

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    • Thanks Lorraine. I have lots of older pattern booklets to get through! I miss Thornbury and all of my friends. I was just looking at your blog and the beautiful quilts. To think, all that time I was in Thornbury saying I wanted to learn quilting!!!


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