Tapestry crochet (part 2)

Hello again. It has been a little while as we were away on holiday and¬†have been busy with new house stuff. Oh, and 18th Birthdays ūüôā

I have been missing my crochet though. I have realised that my WIP (the circle blanket here) just doesn’t do it for me some evenings (the only time I get to crochet) and that another project is needed. So the tapestry crochet that I tried¬†way¬†back beckoned and I gave it another go this week and here is the result.

tapestry crochet heart



What I have discovered about tapestry crochet is that there are lots of different definitions of what it is and therefore lots of methods of how to do it! The previous method I tried involved reverse crocheting on the back rows (I used this very clear video tutorial) but I had seen other posts where this method had not been used so I decided to give them a go too. Julie at little woolie makes the most gorgeous washcloths and blankets using tapestry crochet and explains it very well and Elizabeth (Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse) provides some great tips here.

What you see above was my third attempt and I need to practice this lots now. I used a 4.5mm hook and Rico creative cotton (aran) but the stitches were too loose and you can see the carried colour. I also need to work on my turning as the carried colour is very obvious but I am so pleased to have learned a new crochet technique that I can work on.

I have treated myself to lots of lovely bright colours to make cushions for my boys’ bedroom and will use tapestry crochet to make them. Watch this space!





Busy, busy, busy (no time for crochet)

We have moved and unpacked and unpacked and unpacked for what seems forever but the house is starting to feel like a home. It is telling that my WIP is still in the back of our car from move day.. I have been busy!

I have had to make time, though, to make a little silver pendant for a colleague of my husband’s who is leaving. I started working with silver metal clay a while back to make gifts and I really enjoy it. I hope she likes it.


We are off to France on Friday for a week and then my ‘baby’ boy will be 18 years old!!

Is this a busy or quiet time of the year for you? Are you crocheting much or busy with other projects? I would love to hear what you are up to.


Upcycled crochet

This week, two bloggers that I follow have posted items made from vintage fabrics. This adorable cushion by Bernadette and these amazing, crocheted rugs made by Moji-Moji Design. Both posts inspired me to share my upcycled crochet rugs that I made a little while back.

upcycled crochet rug

The first was made from curtain material using a simple doily pattern and a 20mm hook!! I can’t find the pattern anywhere, sorry. I tore the curtain into long strips (using the same method as Moji-Moji). They were quite wide (with hindsight I would tear narrower ones and use a smaller hook, as the 20mm hook was heavy going!). The centre of this rug is actually deep purple with a denim border¬†but for some reason I could not get¬†the colours¬†to show up.

upcycled crochet rug tshirt repurposed

The second rug was made from my youngest boys’ t-shirts. I used a rotary cutter and cut loop from the armpit down and then linked the loops together to make a long string. I used a 9mm hook for this one. I am in two minds about this rug, the t-shirts varied in quality and some areas are very thick and others thin, so I am actually considering remaking it in a round. I love that I can look at the rug, though, and see favourite t-shirts. Good memories.

273 274 276

This post got me thinking about hook size. I generally use a 3.5mm or 4mm hook and DK yarn, so using large hooks and fabric was an experience.

We move tomorrow so it may be a while before my next post. Amsterdam was amazing, by the way. I won’t bore you with pictures… well maybe just one. (Edit: Teenage son has requested a picture of Amsterdam and not him! )

Amsterdam holiday