Pointless crochet?

Can crochet ever be pointless? I think not. Crochet is incredibly relaxing and even if I find myself crocheting without an outcome in mind, it makes me happy:)


Take these little fish as an example. Since our last visit to the seaside I have been thinking about crocheting them. What for? No idea other than for something to crochet! I haven’t even sewn them down to the hand towel above (although I think I might now). The bright colours make me smile.


I made the fish using Rico creative cotton and a 4mm hook. They are really easy to make.

Pattern (UK terms)

Form a magic ring.

Round 1 – chain 3, 11 trebles into magic ring, join

Round 2 – chain 3, 1 treble into same stitch, 2 trebles into each of next 11 stitches (makes 24 tr), join (do not fasten off)

Tail- chain 6, 1 quadruple treble, 1 triple treble into same stitch. 3 double trebles into next stitch. 1 triple treble, 1 quadruple treble into next stitch. Chain 6 and join into same stitch. Fasten off. Sew in ends.

Does that make sense? It’s the first pattern I have written and I really hope you can follow it.


We went to the beach again last week, this time in West Somerset. I love this coast because I always come home with some beach treasure.



Sea glass and fossils.

Incidentally, we have a move date so I may be quiet for a little while whilst I pack up the house (keeping some yarn out for any spontaneous crocheting, of course).


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