Finding inspiration

Last week I was looking for some crochet inspiration and found it in the most unlikely places. First of all I found an embroidery hoop in a charity shop for 50p, so could not resist buying it. Secondly, my youngest boy made some flowers for me. After that I just went for it and here is the end product.


I made up the pattern myself, experimenting with different stitches as I went along. The scallop edge pattern is not my own, I found it here and found it very easy to follow. I have tried to write down the pattern I created but have no experience of writing patterns at all so it might not be that easy to follow. Let me know if you are interested in me sharing it. I used Stylecraft Special and a 3.5mm hook.

I am really pleased with this very quick project (it took me a couple of evenings). I particularly like the 3D effect which was more of a fluke than planned. I obviously added too many stitches in the round but then worked out I could then crochet behind.


I have to say the back looks quite nice too!


I am hoping to move house next week and can’t wait to see this hanging in our new home. By the way the ‘flowers’ my little boy made were sticklebrick ones and I just loved the colours he used.


Talking about inspiration, I bought a bag of reduced wool this week and I am now wondering where the ideas will come from for my next project.


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