Weekend relaxation by the sea

We have just returned from a lovely weekend in Devon. I shan’t bore you with too many details, just a few of my favourite pictures. We stayed in Brixham, a lovely seaside town with a working harbour and super beaches nearby. Perfect with or without two little ones. What made the time away extra special, was that my mum and dad came with us. I don’t see them very often and we enjoyed catching up in the summer sunshine.

019        025

The harbour and stacks of lobster pots.

096     102

The stunning view from the Napoleonic Fort (south) near Berry Head. I love walking and these days only get to go as far as the little legs can walk, but this was close by so we all enjoyed the wild flower meadows and wide open spaces.


Apparently there were more flowers closer to the edge but I  will take my husband’s word for that. I am pleased to say he looked genuinely perplexed when I wondered how many wives had been disposed of in that manner 🙂

136     141

We couldn’t resist a spot of crabbing using just a line, a piece of old muslin and some bacon. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great time.





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