Cute little project and a test

I thought I’d share this little crochet project that I made last night and at the same time test writing a post on my phone. Often I don’t end up sharing projects as I have to get the laptop out, get the photos from my camera and write the post. I use my phone for a lot of things, so why not posting? I’d be interested to hear what the rest of you do.

So here is what I made. It’s a little scissor keeper.

I used the green cotton I had left over from my doily and some scrap fabric. the pattern came from a book I bought when we arrived here called ‘Romantic Crochet’. It’s an English book, something I failed to realise until about half way through the flower thinking it was in US terms, doh.

This could be an easy project without this exact pattern, just using a granny square pattern, cotton and a small hook. The inside is just a fabric pouch filled with a bit of wadding.

I was just thinking that little projects like this probably end up on an Instagram feed and don’t have whole posts dedicated to them. Uhoh! I could see me losing a whole lot of craft time if I started an IG account. Ravelry is bad enough!



15 thoughts on “Cute little project and a test

  1. Instagram is a lovely way to waste a LOT of time! I spend far too much time there, or thinking about what I might post… This scissors keeper is very cute. I must make one, I’m always losing mine! Teresa x


  2. It’s a sweet little make Alida. My phone is quite basic so I always struggle doing blog posts on it and have to revert to the good old PC. However, I am on Instagram and use the phone a lot for that, posting photos of makes etc. It does take up time, you’re right but I do love using Instagram for crochet related things… šŸ™‚

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  3. It’s really pretty! I sat on my scissors this morning, maybe I need one of these.

    It takes too long to write posts from my phone, I prefer the pc but maybe it’s a just a habit thing. My phone pics are what I put on IG though and that works fine.I love Instagram! It’s true that you can spend an obscene amount of time on it but it’s a fab community.

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