Crochet Hearts


I don’t think hearts are just for Valentine’s Day. I love having them dotted around the house all year round. And if they are crocheted, even better (until I learn how to knit them!).

Here are some of the crocheted hearts I have made over the years…

Crochet coasters made with Drops Muskat and a 3.5mm hook


Three heart decoration adapted from this pattern, made in Drops Muskat with a 3.5mm hook

crochet cotton hearts drops muskat

This garland was made using the same pattern and yarn/hook.

crochet heart garland bunting

This year I also mixed crochet and jewellery and made these…

A Teen-Tiny heart pendant

tiny crochet heart pendant necklace

and these (apologies I haven’t got the links for these)

and last, but not least, my sterling silver crochet heart earrings.

silver crochet heart earrings

Happy crocheting.



Hi Ho Silver!

Hooray for Fridays. We are off to the seaside later for a weekend break that I booked months ago with a view to reviving us after a month back at school. Beach walks, coastal town browsing and warm café treats. Small pleasures.

Talking of small things, my crochet this week has been very small scale and surprise, surprise…yarn-free.

crochet silver wire heart jewellery

Can you believe that this was little heart was crocheted with sterling silver wire? It’s really diddy, about the size of a penny.

I used a 2.5mm hook and 2 strands of 30 gauge wire. The silver wire isn’t cheap but it was a fun experiment and something new.

I also made this flower.

crochet silver wire flower

For the flower I followed these instructions which were very helpful. It is about 4cm in diameter.

In total I used just under 10m of wire which cost about £10. The heart is going to be added to my charm bracelet and the flower… I think I will buy a bit more silver wire and make a pair of earrings. It is a bit delicate for a pendant.

What is the strangest material that you have ever crocheted or knitted with?


Busy, busy, busy (no time for crochet)

We have moved and unpacked and unpacked and unpacked for what seems forever but the house is starting to feel like a home. It is telling that my WIP is still in the back of our car from move day.. I have been busy!

I have had to make time, though, to make a little silver pendant for a colleague of my husband’s who is leaving. I started working with silver metal clay a while back to make gifts and I really enjoy it. I hope she likes it.


We are off to France on Friday for a week and then my ‘baby’ boy will be 18 years old!!

Is this a busy or quiet time of the year for you? Are you crocheting much or busy with other projects? I would love to hear what you are up to.