Thanksgiving crochet

Crochet leaves Thanksgiving maple

Last weekend it was Thanksgiving here in Canada, a new event on the calendar for us having moved from England last year.

I like the holiday and taking the time to be thankful but I’m really aware that we need to take time to be thankful on a daily basis. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of focusing on the negative and it can affect you more than you sometimes realise.

We were very lucky to be invited to not one but two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend and we are grateful to have met such lovely people since we moved here. 

I took crochet gifts to both dinners. I like to take something homemade if I can and these were really easy to make.

Crochet leaves Thanksgiving maple

I followed this pattern which also includes a helpful tutorial. I used different weight yarns but the same hook size to make the three different sized leaves. You can block the leaves but I like the curly edges. Both gift recipients added the leaves to their table decorations.

These leaves could also make a seasonal bunting or gift tags. I used acrylic yarn but you can use any fibre you want.

Autumn is my favourite season but I fear it will be a short one this year. There is already lots of snow falling here in BC! What’s your favourite season?



16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving crochet

  1. I really must learn to crochet!! Autumn is definitely my favorite season, followed by Winter (which isn’t all that different from Autumn down here 🙂 So very happy to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving time! Ours is next month…already planning the menu (mostly made up of recipes from the Fall/Winter Laine magazine)! Autumn and Winter foods are my favorite, too!

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    • Thank you, Meredithe. Whenever I crochet now I realise how much I miss it after all the knitting I’ve been doing. Fun, small projects like these leaves are very satisfying. As for the snow…it’s in the mountain tops already and that means it’s a few weeks off. It seems like Autumn’s only just arrived so I’m not at all happy about that!


    • Thank you Eleonora 😊 I miss crochet especially when my knitting projects take so long! I felt the same as you about the seasons in England where they weren’t so extreme. Here the summer was so hot and dry, the winter so long and cold, although I’m told it’s mild here compared to other provinces so I guess everybody’s version of extreme means something different. I saw it was warm in the UK, it was only just above freezing here today 😥

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  2. I love autumn when I’m ready for soups and casseroles and wearing woollens. But England in Spring is so lovely, then salads and sandals and seaside holidays are great in summer too. A crackling frost and the excitement of rare snow in Winter….I love the seasons here. I can’t pick just one!
    When I lived in Australia I got so bored of the relentless blue skies and sunshine. It was full and predictable. Here I enjoy the way we all rush for charcoal and steaks and salad when we get a bonus hot day!

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