Another small crochet project

Yet again I have avoided making a decision about my next big project by making a small one.

Since starting my blog I have been introduced to some really lovely and very talented people and I have been inspired by every one of them. One recently referred to a crochet book ‘200 crochet blocks’ by Jan Eaton which I have owned for some time now but not used recently. Tanya at Yarnya has produced the most amazing blanket using some of the patterns and who knows? I might have a go at something similar myself.

Anyway, back to my small project which, in case your wondering, uses part of a pattern from the aforementioned book.


A table decoration of sorts. I made it for my ‘new’ cake stand to sit on (a car boot purchase from the weekend).


Here is a top down view.


I made it using the centre of pattern 58 Peach Rose (from the book ‘200 crochet blocks’ by Jan Eaton) in Drops Muskat cotton using a 3.5mm hook. The cotton is lovely to work with and comes in some great colours. I didn’t need to block any of this either. I just sewed each flower to the other. The flowers would make nice bunting too or maybe a larger piece.

To bring you up to date, the move has been put back and I am crocheting to stay calm! Despite the frustration, today was a good day as my eldest son finished his A-levels (woohoo) but also a scary one as I went to my middle son’s parent induction evening (yikes). Big changes for us all over the next few months.


PS A special thank you as well to Bernadette at bernadettesvintagerose for helping me with a technical glitch early on in my blog. Another talented lady 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another small crochet project

  1. Thank you, glad I was able to help out. I had a busy week myself with two daughters doing exams, I’m just happy they are finished for now, can only imagine how they feel. I too find myself taking out the crochet hook to unwind a little. Loving your work!

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  2. When reading this i thought ‘i love that book too!’ … then saw my name haha! Ooops silly me – Thank you. Great idea using parts of the patterns and I love your new mat for the cake stand 🙂

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