My socks have pairs… finally!

I am feeling an incredible sense of relief. Not because I have packed up our house, have all our affairs in order and we’re ready to go to Canada a month early, no. I am relieved because I have finally finished three pairs of socks. This may go some way to explaining why we are no way near ready to move yet.

I shall start with my favourite socks.

Valentinesox knitted DK colourwork fairisle

These are definitely happy socks. Firstly, they are red. Secondly, they are my first stranded knitting ever. I am just a little bit proud of these socks.

I have been having an hour long knitting lesson each week with Jen, from my LYS (The Wool Stop) and before each lesson, I decide on what I would like to learn. Usually this is based on a rather ambitious pattern I have saved on Ravelry, as was the case here. Jen is the best type of teacher, patient and thorough. After an hour with her I really do have the confidence to go (rush) home and have a go (do nothing else all day but knit).

The pattern is called Valentinesox (a free pattern on Ravelry) and it has a stranded colourwork cuff (which should have a crochet edging but I haven’t done that bit) and heel. The rib on the cuff is a twisted rib, which I really like the look of and is so easy to do (just *knit 1 through the back loop, purl 1*. The pattern is an easy to follow chart followed by some interesting detailing where the cuff turns over. The colourwork on the heel flap isn’t in the round but it seems to have worked, I tried to make sure no gaps formed by twisting the yarns (a lot!). The rest of the sock is straightforward with a ribbing and stocking stitch. The toe was shaped using the same method as Christine at Winwick Mum uses in her basic sock pattern and is finished off with Kitchener stitch.

I made these on a 3mm x 25cm circular (KnitPro Symfonie) as the pattern suggested. For my chunky feet I probably could have done with another 4 stitches in the round after the cuff, if truth be told. The yarn is James C Brett (now Jenny Watson) pure merino DK  that I already had. As they are 100% wool these will be house socks (without the added nylon that sock wool has, they will be less durable).

The next pair of socks I completed were for my husband, following Christine’s pattern for boot socks. I found a useful chart from Regia which advised casting on 52 stitches.

Boot socks 6ply

My husband was very specific about them not matching! That meant I had to count rows rather than go by the stripes. It was amazing how quickly these socks worked up compared to 4ply ones, even though they were size 9. He says they are very warm!

The yarn is Rellana Fancy Sock 6ply Stripy (7046) bought from (based in Germany). Again I used  a 3mm x 25cm circular (KnitPro Symfonie).

Finally I completed another pair of socks for myself.


This pattern is A Nice Ribbed sock and the yarn is Mondial Ciao (241), knitted on a 2.5mm short circular.

These were actually made two at a time but on separate needles and I am so glad as I did tire of the rib after a while (maybe because my Valentinesox had a rib too). I thought it would look neater too , which it doesn’t, even after blocking. I matched these socks up but the heels weren’t the same, strange. Edit: Looking at the heel flap more closely, I think they are slightly different lengths which would explain the difference.

I am now learning how to knit two at a time, toe up socks. I don’t mind knitting socks separately but I was suffering a bit from second sock syndrome with these pairs. When I met Christine last November, I bought a copy of her sock book and she signed it saying ‘May all your socks have pairs’. At the time I was on sock 1 of my first pair. I now understand what she meant!






23 thoughts on “My socks have pairs… finally!

  1. Love the Valentine socks!! I completed a pair of socks for the first time ever this year too. I still haven’t worn them as I still haven’t colorfasted the yarn. It was so pretty, I didn’t want it to fade. I knit them one at a time. I can’t imagine knitting two at once.

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  2. Oh well done with your socks! I have severe second sock syndrome going on here – I’ve now got two single socks running around in my WIP pile without their counterparts. I keep telling myself that I’ll do something small in between to alleviate the sock boredom, but then I don’t get back to that poor second sock 😦 I really must finish them before winter sets in.

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  3. Your socks are all just amazing looking, are they all on dpns or are you using circular needles?
    I think my favourites are the ones you’ve made for your husband but I like the heart ones too…ooohh can you imagine them in a soft Scandinavian blue combined with red?
    It’s good you’re all packed and ready a month early, that’s time you can spend knitting xx

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    • Thank you. They were all made on short circulars, either 23cm or 25cm. The colours on the boot socks are lovely, not too bright and the wool was lovely to work with. I will definitely be doing more colourwork, I love the idea of making my own charts and using lots more colours. As for being all packed… not quite yet, but we are making progress and I am starting to get very excited now!


  4. These are fabulous socks, and I love that you’ve been trying out different patterns. Socks are brilliant projects for discovering all kinds of new skills – and they’re quick and easy enough for you not to get tired of them too quickly either xx

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    • Thanks Christine. I love trying out new patterns and techniques, but yours will always be my ‘go to’ sock pattern. I am also very lucky to have Jen teaching me too. I can’t imagine knitting a jumper, socks are much more achievable!


  5. Right, I will be knitting this afternoon. Gonna get those needles out and practice more. I love the husband socks. I think I was scared of dpns, which is why I haven’t been tempted by sock knitting. I didn’t know that you could make socks without. That doesn’t seem quite so daunting. Nice work!

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    • If you look at Winwick Mum, her tutorial covers shirts circulars, which I use and long ones (magic loop method). Dpns are a bit like wrestling a hedgehog, aren’t they?! I’ve had such lovely comments about my husband’s socks, I’m glad I bought another ball for a pair for me 🙂

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    • I would definitely recommend 6ply or even DK. If they are bed socks they don’t even need any nylon in them. I am also going to make some shorter socks for the summer and they ought to take less time. Well that’s the idea, at least.

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