Wise Old Owl Hat

I feel like I am on a go slow at the moment whilst the rest of the world whizzes by. You should see the list of things we need to do before we leave for Canada. It’s scary.

We have done all of the important stuff, like booking flights (19th April.. yikes!!) and the house has been put up for let today. I even bought a suitcase and just in case you think I have my priorities mixed up, you will be relieved to know that all of my yarn stash does fit in. Not so sure about my clothes.

As for packing the house up, that will be a mad panic around about Easter when I fully anticipate I will go bonkers.

I had time to knit a hat this week. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with my priorities. Here it is…

Wise old owl hat knitted chunky Hayfield Tweed

Actually I am very proud of this hat as it is the first time I have knitted cables. Lucky for me, the owner of my LYS has been giving me an hour of her time to help me with my knitting each week. Jen is a great teacher and is very patient with me. We have been covering a variety of knitting techniques which I can hopefully share with you as the projects are completed.

The hat is knitted in Hayfield Chunky Tweed (Chester) and is a bargain at under £4. The pattern was a free one on Ravelry. ( Update – this pattern doesn’t seem to be available any more but I did find this child’s version if that helps. I also found this one on Ravelry)  I used 6mm circulars but only cast on 72 stitches and increased to 77 after the rib, so it only has 7 owls. The hat is a good size, it fits my big head which is good.

wise old owl hat knitted hayfield chunky tweed

I am trying to complete some projects before starting any new ones. Haha, I am trying.

That just leaves me to thank Bessie V from Shells and Bobbles for nominating me for a One Lovely Blog Award. It means a lot when another blogger picks you out  for an award and I have come across some of my favourite blogs through similar recommendations, so thanks again!




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