Origami love

I just realised today that it isn’t long before Valentine’s Day will be upon us and that means I had better get making as I always try to make my husband a card rather than buy one. My favourite cards are these origami ones.

origami heart cards Valentines

You can find all sorts of origami hearts on the internet. If you want to make them, here are links to the instructions for the blossom heart (along with some other hearts) and the crane heart . I wouldn’t use this paper again as you can see white through the creases but I liked the contrast on the reverse.

My eldest son must take after me as he gave me this origami for my birthday last year.

origami hearts framed gift

The instructions are for these hearts are here on ‘origami instructions’ where you can find pretty much any origami to make.

You can see one of my wedding pictures above, appropriately next to the origami hearts, because when we got married my husband and I had an origami wedding.

In Japan, Senbazuru, which means a thousand cranes, is the art of folding origami cranes and stringing them together. According to legend, the person who has the patience to fold a thousand cranes will have their wish granted. The crane is also a symbol of long life and fidelity, and cranes are given as gifts at wedding and hung in houses for luck. They are also a symbol of peace and hope, inspired by the memory of  twelve year old Sadako Sasaki who died of leukaemia ten years after the Hiroshima bombings.

So it was that, for months before we got married, every evening my future husband and I sat down and folded paper cranes together. Sometimes we chatted, sometimes we worked in silence. It was never a chore.

On the day before our wedding day, we carefully strung each crane onto fishing line and hung them from the ceiling of the reception venue

origami cranes wedding

The overall effect was better than we could ever have imagined.

origami cranes wedding

origami cranes wedding

You can see the other origami details that we made for the wedding.

origami cranes wedding

origami cranes wedding

origami cranes wedding

origami cranes wedding


The bouquets were made by the whole family, making them extra special.

origami cranes wedding

origami cranes wedding

If you want to make an origami crane you can find the instructions here. We used printing paper for the thousand cranes to keep the cost down and nicer card and scrapbook paper for the other ones.

This post has taken me so long to write as most of the time has been spent travelling down memory lane as I looked back through the pictures, something I don’t do often enough. Now is a good time to do it because we will be packing many of these things away and leaving them here in boxes when we move to Canada.

Thank you to Rainbowjunkiecorner and Wild Daffodil for spurring me on to share my wedding photos with you after rainbowjunkiecorner’s post on origami angels.





21 thoughts on “Origami love

  1. Oh wow, those cranes are gorgeous!!! I’ve been eyeing up paper bouquets recently, I saw one with used pages from Harry Potter books which I thought was really cool, origami looks so fancy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Looking back at these photos, I had forgotten how much we made for the wedding but I was never stressed or wished I had bought everything instead. It was always enjoyable. I loved my bouquet and the good thing is, it will last forever 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Meredithe,it was a pleasure looking back at the photos with my husband and remembering little details from the day and the lead up to it. As for my eldest, he had made his girlfriend lots of beautiful origami, I might have dropped a hint that I’d like some too!!!


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