Making new friends

Many of you will know of the fabulous blog Pomegranate and Chintz and will be familiar with Meredithe’s visually stunning posts (if you aren’t, do take a look, it is lovely). I frequently gush over the fabrics she and her class/group use for all manner of sewing projects and a while back I admired a fabric panel she had been sent in a fabric bundle.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when Meredithe contacted me and asked if I would like the panel as she wouldn’t use it. Of course I said yes and asked for her address so I could send a gift in return. Addresses were exchanged and if you read Meredithe’s blog you will know that we each received our parcels incredibly quickly. Meredithe has already posted about the gift I sent her and here is part 2!

Just one week after sending my address, I was delighted to receive a parcel from Australia in the post. I was at home with my youngest and he still talks about opening the present together. Of course I knew about the panel but I did not expect any of the accompanying treasures within. If I had been thinking I would have taken step by step pictures but no, I was too excited.

Just take a look at this bundle…


Can you believe that there was more. Chocolates and lots of them. TimTams (amazing chocolate biscuity bites), a Cherry Ripe (coconut, cherry and chocolate heaven) and Turkish Delight (my all time favourite chocolate bar). These were saved and savoured but never photographed alas.

The card was a beautifully handwritten note from Meredithe (how rare it is to get a letter these days) and recipes from her and the ladies in her class.


The red peeking through?


A gorgeous needle case made with fabrics which were part of the original bundle that I had admired. How lucky am I?


And then there was the fabric panel. You can see why I admired it I am sure.


I have been riding on a high since I received Meredithe’s original email, offering me this amazing gift. I have found the whole experience so uplifting and I am so grateful to have made another new friend through blogging.

And Chicken in the Kitchen? She has finally been made! I am not great with needle and thread and broke my sewing machine a while back so decided to take the bull by the horns and hand sew her. Here she is in her full glory … in the kitchen of course.


She’s not shy, so here is a close up…


Thank you again to Meredithe and all of the other supportive, kind bloggers out there.


13 thoughts on “Making new friends

  1. Very cool that you have exchanged gifts and what thoughtful and heartwarming things she included in your package. The chicken is lovely, but I especially liked the flowering branches you have on display. What a lovely touch!

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  2. Oh Alida! Thank you for your lovely post about our adventure together. It was great fun and your chicken has turned out beautifully. So good to have another TimTam convert….or two! I think the flowers are alstroemerias and I like the wall hanging above them.

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      • I have to try very hard not to order too many Timtams – but I discovered that the postage is only slightly dearer for 4 packets than it is for 1 …..
        I lived in Indonesia for three years, and had to stay in Singapore when there was political trouble. We have been back many times since on holiday (including twice on our way to and from Australia to [among other things] visit Meredithe!!)

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        • Lucky you going to Australia. I would love to go but the thought of the flight with 2 little ones is enough for me to wait a few years. I looked at the Timtams, some will be making their way here very soon. Thank you so much for letting me know about the website 🙂


  3. What a lovely post! Bloggy people are very kind and I think it’s wonderful that the internet allows us to meet new friends and see parts of the world that we would never normally know anything about. Love your chicken in the kitchen. Just the right sort of chicken, too – she certainly won’t be scratching up your tiles! 🙂 xx

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    • Thank you so much Christine. I agree, blogging has opened up a whole new and very positive world to me. I am very grateful. The chicken is great, isn’t she? I am very lucky to have her and there is the added bonus that she doesn’t make a mess!


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