Crochet shawl

It’s nearly half term (counting the hours) and I am so glad that I have completed another crochet project before we go away. At the start of the school year I started a crochet shawl/scarf (first mentioned here) and if the weather today is anything to go by, I think I’m going to need it.

I first saw the shawl on The Green Dragonfly and fell in love with it instantly. It was the colour and the lacey (but not too lacey) look that both grabbed me. I had never crocheted anything so fine before and I really didn’t have a clue about what yarn to use. The Green Dragonfly had used 2ply and a 3mm hook so I did a search and found Susan Crawford Vintage and a yarn called Fenella which is 2ply 100% British wool in the most amazing vintage shades. Just the shade names are beautiful…Chalk, Myristica, Roman Plaster, Jonquil, Atomic Red, Phthalo, Limoncello, Porcellan, Columbine, Marriner, Constance Spry, Wheaten, Forget-Me-Not, Baked Cherry, Delicot, Myrtle. I chose Atomic Red for my scarf and was so pleased when the package arrived as the red is almost coral, one of my favourite colours.

The pattern for the shawl is called South Bay Shawlette and is very easy to follow. I used a 3.5mm hook. At first I wasn’t sure about the wool, it felt a bit scratchy but the more I worked with it the more I fell in love with it. It softened up and is so tactile and warm. For the border I used The Green Dragonfly border but omitted the last row. I wasn’t going to block my scarf when I finished it, I liked the dense texture and was worried it would become to lacey but I saw some amazing scarves which had lovely pointy edgings and knew I had to. So yesterday when the sun was shining I took the opportunity (I am glad I did, as it is raining today, yuk).

susan crawford fenella south bay shawlette crochet shawl

susan crawford fenella south bay shawlette crochet

I love the shadows that the blocking pins make.

susan crawford fenella south bay shawlette crochet shawl

The blocking made such a difference. I understand now why it is done. The shawl is so pretty and it is very wearable.

The only thing I hadn’t thought about was the fact that if you crochet a triangle and want enough width to be able to wrap it like a scarf, the triangle part gets longer too. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t want any more bulk around my neck and the ends are just long enough to wrap but I am going to try a longer and narrower shawl pattern next and see what difference it makes. Anyway after taking a million pictures to show you what it looks like being worn I have settled for the least worst (grammar?) of the lot. Hopefully you get the idea.

susan crawford fenella south bay shawlette crochet shawl

I am still practising my knitting and I would love one day to be able to knit something to wear with the Fenella yarn. One day.



14 thoughts on “Crochet shawl

  1. It’s so pretty! I just finally after years of wanting one, knit myself a shawl this Fall. It’s a rectangular shape, used Paton’s lace yarn, which I had bought a couple years ago to make a shawl with. It was a little different working with such a lightweight yarn, but also fun. You did a great job with the picture. I like your hair!
    What do you use to block with? I’m trying to find something.

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  2. If you are going to do a lot of blocking, you can get blocking wires (sorry, as I’m on holiday and sending this from my kindle I can’t put in a link). You thread the wires through the points, then it is much easier to pull the points out evenly.
    Ps I have just found you through Meredithe’s blog

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