Beach trip

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to North Devon for the weekend. I am pleased  to report that the break had the desired effect and we all came back rejuvenated and full of energy. It helped a lot that the sun shone all weekend and that the caravan park I had chosen was just 200 yards from the beach!

We stayed in Combe Martin and spent our first day in Ilfracombe and Combe Martin itself. It is a while since I have been to this part of Devon and wondered if it would have changed much. It hadn’t. Even with Damien Hirst’s interest in the area it still felt very much a Victorian seaside resort. We did start by seeing Hirst’s Verity first (you can’t miss her, she’s 20m tall). Now, I am interested in art even if I don’t always understand it and  I know what I like, and I’m not sure about Verity. Google her and make up your own mind if you haven’t seen her before.

We went to the aquarium, ate ice cream, went to the Tunnel Beaches (Victorian beaches accessed through … a tunnel), ate fish and chips, played on the 2p machines in the arcade and ate more ice cream. The beach was windy and gave me the perfect excuse to wear my most recently finished crochet project (first seen here). Many thanks to my husband who took this picture under the strictest of instructions. Please ignore me.

crochet shrug x-stitch drops nepal

What do you think? It is a pattern I bought on Craftsy called X-stitch Shrug. I bought the pattern at the end of the summer holidays, anticipating cooler weather (which I am pleased to say, has stayed away) and decided I would use Drops Nepal (Deep Ocean) for extra warmth. It has been a start, stop project, mainly because I ran out of wool, then it was out of stock. I have certainly learnt my lesson when it comes to patterns and yardage. It would not have taken long otherwise as it is very straight forward.

Here it is hanging up.

crochet shrug x-stitch drops nepal

You will notice I have added a button to the front, which was not part of the original pattern. The shrug just didn’t suit me without it and it is so heavy (15 balls of 50g aran wool) that I didn’t want to be hoiking it up every 5 seconds. To be honest I think the shrug has had its only trip out. For me, this is a wear-at-home-snuggled-on-the-sofa sort of shrug, it is so warm and soft.

I might try a short poncho-type thing next time, although I do worry about looking like a sack of potatoes. Even when the sun is out I like to layer up. My sons were knee deep in the sea at the weekend, with nothing but t-shirts on and I was quite comfortable in jeans, long sleeves, boots and shrug!

Yesterday we stopped in at Lynton and Lynmouth, two towns connected by the most amazing cliff railway. A real feat of Victorian engineering.

073 082



Of course, no trip to the seaside is complete without searching for sea treasure.




Despite my improved energy levels after the weekend I am a little tired today after waking up in the middle of the night to see the supermoon lunar eclipse. I didn’t bother with photos but have been admiring some amazing ones today. Did anyone else watch it?



18 thoughts on “Beach trip

  1. How I envy your trip to the beach. It sounds perfectly lovely. I really like the shrug, including the beautiful blue color. Please wear it out again. I would have been like your boys though and would have been too warm in the sun. I agree the button was a great add. The only thing I’m not sure about is the fullness on the sides and how that would look on me. Your husband did a wonderful job snapping the picture and I too, give my instructions. Head and shoulders only!!! No fat tummy. But yet, I still get my fat tummy in some pictures. Which ruin it for me. What was the lesson you learned about yardage? Buy more than you think you’ll need? I’ve run out before too, and it’s a pain. Have had to get creative with making do. I usually try to buy way more than I need and then I have all this leftover yarn but have found some great projects to use that up. I have to say I kind of liked Verity. I watched a youtube video of her and it gave a 360 view. I do like art that makes me think though and is not just pleasing to the eye.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments about the shrug. I might try it out again. It is full and I wonder if I will try a more fitted pattern next time. I will be sure to buy enough yarn next time. I underestimated and then I had to order from a different supplier then I had to buy another ball from a different dyelot! Thankfully it wasn’t noticeable. I am glad you looked at Verity. She was definitely thought provoking.


    • Yes! I couldn’t believe it. If you sat down, you literally found handfuls of the stuff. I just put it in a bowl but wondering what else I can do with it. I desperately want to go to the Northumberland coast where I gather the glass factories threw their glass out to sea and it washes up. If you are lucky you can find really bright reds and blues apparently.

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      • I love looking for sea glass where we live. I find a lot of greens but blues, clear and any other colours are much harder to find. I found a bright blue a while ago and it really felt like I had found treasure! I’ve used sea glass to decorate round photo frames before … 🙂

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        • Oh that’s a lovely idea. I am a real beachcomber. When we went to Crete last year I found shards of plastic combs, all worn down like seaglass but the colours were really bright. I couldn’t resist collecting them up (I also felt I was cleaning the beach up a bit !)

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