Hi Ho Silver!

Hooray for Fridays. We are off to the seaside later for a weekend break that I booked months ago with a view to reviving us after a month back at school. Beach walks, coastal town browsing and warm café treats. Small pleasures.

Talking of small things, my crochet this week has been very small scale and surprise, surprise…yarn-free.

crochet silver wire heart jewellery

Can you believe that this was little heart was crocheted with sterling silver wire? It’s really diddy, about the size of a penny.

I used a 2.5mm hook and 2 strands of 30 gauge wire. The silver wire isn’t cheap but it was a fun experiment and something new.

I also made this flower.

crochet silver wire flower

For the flower I followed these instructions which were very helpful. It is about 4cm in diameter.

In total I used just under 10m of wire which cost about £10. The heart is going to be added to my charm bracelet and the flower… I think I will buy a bit more silver wire and make a pair of earrings. It is a bit delicate for a pendant.

What is the strangest material that you have ever crocheted or knitted with?


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