Quick crochet

I love to work on longer crochet projects, watching them grow slowly over the days, weeks and months but what attracted me to crochet originally is that it can be quick too. Last week I decided that I wanted to make a little jacket for my cafetiere (French press). When I first started crocheting I would have immediately looked for a pattern to follow but I feel confident enough now to have a go on my own and I am pretty pleased with the end result

cafetiere cosy crochet easy quick

I used my Stylecraft Special on a 3mm hook and followed the lovely Lucy’s pattern here for the squares (I didn’t do the bobble stitch in the centre, just pairs of trebles with a chain stitch between each pair). I joined as I went along and then did a round of 3 trebles between each space around the whole thing and then the same with single half trebles. The loops for the buttons were just chain12 and sewed in. Here are a few more pictures. Wondering if I should have used red as well but it’s too late now and a good excuse to make another I think.

small granny square crochet cafetiere cosy small granny square cafetiere cosy crochet

Hexagonal crochet blanket

My first ever blog and who would have thought I would be so nervous? It’s like starting school all over again. Anyway, I thought I would start with sharing my most recent crochet project, a hexagonal baby blanket that I made for one of my lovely friends daughter. My friend has just moved house and decorated her daughter’s room in a beautiful yellow with curtains made from this Ikea fabric… FREDRIKA Fabric IKEA …so I thought I would try and design a small cotbed blanket to match, and here it is

solid hexagon crochet blanket flowers  solid hexagon crochet blanket flowers

I used the amazingly easy to follow pattern here for the hexagons (making them a bit smaller) and I used two methods to join the hexagons. I sewed the flowers together and then realised it would be much easier if I used a join-as-you-go method when I started the white ones. I blocked the blanket although I notice the edges are turning up a bit. I did consider an edging and found so many lovely ideas but in the end decided to leave it. Almost forgot to say I used a 3.5mm hook and Stylecraft Special bought at my lovely local wool shop, The Wool Stop in Thornbury. I have just started a new project and can’t wait to share it with you soon. In the meantime, please bear with me as I thought I was quite technically minded but I am obviously not! x